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Data Center

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    Smartworld assists clients in building and managing data centers. By tapping into this larger infrastructure, our clients gain scalable power and rock-solid security. Trust in Smartworld. Free up your resources needed to quickly respond to emergencies, improve service uptime, and reduce the cost of infrastructure management. Our experts allow organizations to become better equipped to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and build new business value. We plan, manage and automate the entire physical and virtual compute infrastructure.


    Data Center Servers:

    We assure that infrastructures are from the ground up, with the right space, racks airflow, cooling, cabling, redundancies, and access. Because of our long-term experience in server technology, Smartworld makes sure you benefit from the computing power you need today, with space and power to meet your future needs. We have continuous access to optimal power sources; these centers are built for expansion, with no one client demanding unbalanced capacity. Our technicians ensure migration and integration run smoothly.

    Data Center Storage:

    Secure yet flexible storage technology incorporates direct-attached storage with HDD and SDDs according to client requirements; network-attached storage (NAS) for multiple users at the file and application level; and a Storage Area Network that pools the resources of many servers to deliver high-performance and expandable storage. We are known for managing dedicated, high-speed storage services to the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and security industries. Clients also take advantage of Cloud Stage servers or a cluster of servers hosted remotely in a secure data center. Users can purchase additional servers for cloud storage without incurring expensive hardware purchases. Rest assured, these data storage and services infrastructure drastically reduces performance-related issues.

    Data Center Blade Enclosures:

    For those customers who drill down to specific hardware configurations, they’ll be glad to know that Smartworld recommends blade servers to complement racked servers’ basic needs. Blade servers save space and improve system management. Either self-standing or rack-mounted, each chassis provides the power supply, and each blade has its CPU, RAM, and storage. Blade servers help offset an important Enterprise Storage System’s computing requirement: Network Attached Storage (NAS) or a Storage Area Network (SAN).

    Data Center Virtualization:

    The Smartworld server team can help you prioritize your hardware power through Virtualization. Virtualizing is where cloud computing gets its start. Virtualization is a software-based or virtual application, server, storage or networks. What’s more, virtualization is an effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.; ideal because most hardware operates at a fraction of its capacity. As an alternative technical approach to delivering infrastructure, platforms, and operating system, servers, software system, and applications, we offer virtualization technologies which are cost-effective and robust. This process provides great value to organizations hoping to save both money and time.


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