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    AI-based video analytics is remarkable and effective. Smartworld video analytics solutions take advantage of advanced AI algorithms, collecting data from your existing camera infrastructure or newer state-of-the-art cameras with advanced imaging capabilities. Your organization will gain insights and data that can be crucial when making critical business decisions. Smartworld AI engines produce a wide range of analytical data, and the possibilities are growing every day.


    Emotional Video Analytics:

    When combined with cameras, our emotional analytics engine provides insights on how customers perceive a brand/product, presentations, and customer service interactions. The software collects data on how a person communicates verbally and nonverbally to understand their mood or attitude. Text, voice, and facial analysis are the basis for many new and exciting personalized customer experiences. 

    Behavior Video Analytics:

    Behavioral analytics extends beyond emotional analytics, factoring in a much larger universe of actions and reactions. For example, cybersecurity uses behavioral analytics to identify mouse or keyboard actions that can be considered abnormal behaviors. Behavior analytics can also identify those persons in a hotel lobby who appear to be nervous, based on voluntary and involuntary characteristics. In academics and healthcare, Behavioral Signal Processing, known as BSP, is used for quantitatively and objectively understanding typical, atypical, and distressed behavior in autistic patients or couple’s therapy. In e-commerce, Behavior Analytics is the “you may also like” product display based on the buyer’s previous purchases.

    Object Video Analytics:

    Object analytics is a relatively new technology involving high-resolution smart cameras. The software is programmed to track primarily humans and vehicles, often with a virtual barrier in place. Edge analytics determines if the person or vehicle has a high closing velocity or crosses the virtual barrier and then issues an alarm. Object analytics effectively suppresses or eliminates false alarms caused by the movement of unrelated objects such as debris, foliage, or small animals.

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